We hand package all of your orders with care and mindfulness, breathing new life into second-hand treasures with both our products and our packaging. We strive for 100% transparency in our practices. Read below for a break-down of what goes into your order.

1. Vintage/ second-hand postcard or other ephemera. Each postcard is it's own piece of history & unique to every order!

2. Business cards printed on recycled cardstock.

3. Stickers (optional; these are not eco-friendly but we do give you the option to opt-out!)

4. Reused tissue paper/ bubble wrap. Sometimes orders will be packaged without tissue paper if we do not have any second-hand.

5. Pens/ markers for your notes, we thrift them when we can!

6. Second-hand yarn or twine is used to wrap your orders.

7. Shipped orders are mailed with a compostable mailer or a reused mailer/ box. Our NoIssue compostable mailers are made from a combination of corn-based biopolymers, compost in 6 months, and are certified for both home and commercial compost. Please note on your order whether you have access to composting. Since these mailers will contaminate recycling or not break down properly in landfill, if you do not have access to composting we will send you a reused mailer.

8. We use minimal packaging tape on your orders since our compostable mailers are self-sealing! We use self-adhesive thermal shipping labels at our main location, which also requires no-ink.