Styling Portfolio

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March 2020: Forest

March 2020: Daytripper

Photographer: Nikki Acosta

Model: Britt Von Bossy


February 2020: Valentines

Photographer: Angel Williams

Model: Cassie

MUA: Beat by Janii

January 2020: Belt of the Heavens

Photographer: Francesca Blue

Models: Rosanna Cuellar (as Aries), Fabiana (as Cancer),
Kara Elyse (as Aquarius), and Lesley Carroll (as Taurus)

Publication: Toksick Magazine

November 2019: Earth

Photographer: Maryssa Rose


July 2019: Celestial

Photographer: Francesca Blue

Model: Sydni Adams

Publication: Surj Magazine


June 2019: Kenzie

Photographer: Michelle Waggoner

Model: Kenzie



May 2019: Technicolor

Photographer: Amanda Arre

December 2019: Baby

Photographer: Francesca Blue

Model: Amy Deanna